Mixing of the control signals from different control panels

The talk turns to the situation when different operators must control the same functions of the model. The system "trainer/apprentice", assigned for training, may be considered as the example of such situation. Another possible situation is as follows: coordination of the actions between the pilot and the operator in the course of video-shooting, implying use of the models.

Usage of the mixer V-Tail, the inlets of which are connected to different receivers is the easiest variant of mixing the signals on board of the model. However, as the signals, transmitted from different receivers, are not synchronized, it is necessary to get convinced prior to launching of the model that there are no control derangements. Connect the servo to the outlet of the mixer and execute combined controlling within a minute. If derangements occur, obtain the mixer, manufactured by another producer. If the gyroscope, provided with extra connection to one of the receivers, connected to the outlet of the mixer, the derangements in operation of the gyroscope may occur. Exchange two inlets of the mixer, seeking for avoidance of such derangements. It helps because the mixer synchronizes the outlet according to the signal, coming from one of two inlets.

Another variant implies connection of two identical control panels with the help of the wire. A switch, allowing substitution of one of the control channels with the signal, coming from another control panel, is installed on the control panel of the pilot. Terminals are installed on the both control panels for the wire connection. The scheme of connection:

The switch of the control panel of the pilot allows selecting the signal, generated by the potentiometer, from the personally controlled lever or the signal, generated by the potentiometer, from the otherwise controlled lever. Such method is more preferable because it allows passing of the total control to the pilot in the extreme situation.

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