Radio controlled models:

FireStarter on the ground and on water.
Demonstration of pyrotechnical effects with the help of R/C cars and boats.

FireStarter on aircraft models.
Demonstration of pyrotechnical effects with the help of R/C aircraft models.

FireStarter, preparation for pyrotechnical effects.
The process of setting of pyrotechnical effects on R/C models. Read more

HeliStrobe demonstration.
Demonstrational flights of R/C helicopters, equipped with the night lighting HeliStrobe.

Versions of stroboscope for a helicopter.
Installation and testing of different versions of the stroboscopic night lighting on R/C helicopter.

Testing of the DistanceSensor.
Testing of the device, which helps to control the flight altitude of R/C aircraft models.

Nichrome Fuses demonstration.
Electric fuses are used for remote ignition.

Precise adjustment of pitch of the blades of the R/C helicopter.
The manual, meant for adjusting the attack angles of the helicopter's blades without the pitch gauge. Image of the helicopter is rotated by 90 degrees. Read more

Pyro on RC Helicopter, year 2009.

RC Shutter demonstration.
Remote control of the photo/video-camera or the board light .

Dancing Model demonstration.
The electronic modulus combines the flight of the model with the rhythm of the music.

Flywheel demonstration.
Stabilization of the video-camera with the help of the mechanical gyroscope.

DirectionFinder demonstration.
Automated pointing of the video-camera to the object, selected for shooting

Popular science

Draft of asymmetric capacitor
The flying heavier-than-air craft, which is deprived of the usual carrying plane. Read more.

Reactionless drive testin g(refutation)
According to certain patent inventions, acceleration without the fulcrum is possible; however, we did not succeed to prove it. Read more

Generator of infrasonic waves
Device is intensifying the emotional perception of an acoustic signal by additional tactile and visual sensations. Read more