The rhythm of the sounding music is reflected in the movements of the model.

It is not always a success to combine the movement with the rhythm while performing the flight according to the music. The modulus Dancing Model combines the flight of the model with the rhythm of the music. The microphone receives the sonic signal and transforms it into the infrasonic oscillations, which get added to the control signal. The modulus is connected to one of the control channels inside the control panel. The amplitude of the added movements can be regulated in the course of piloting. The method of controlling the model remains constant.


An example of installation



Demo flights

Installation of the modulus
Two holes must be made in the body of the control panel so as to install the modulus, i.e. one of them is assigned for the microphone; another one - for the regulator. It is undesirable to position the modulus near the high-frequency block of the transmitter. The modulus is fed from the battery of the control panel and must be supplied via the common switch of the control panel (black wire - minus, red wire - plus). Each channel of the proportional control inside the control panel is connected to the potentiometer. Select the control channel, to which the modulus will be connected and disconnect the central wire of the appropriate potentiometer (the potentiometer is totally provided with three wires). Solder one outlet of the modulus (blue wire) to the vacated contact of the potentiometer. Connect the other outlet (green wire) with the wire, which is disconnected from the potentiometer. If the wires (blue and green colors) are connected vice versa, the musical movements of the model will be done in the opposite direction. Close the cover of the control panel and switch it on. The model must be controlled without any changes. Switch the music with the clear-cut rhythm and powerful basses on. The executive mechanism on the model will move according to the sonic signal. Either increase or reduce the impact of the modulus upon the model during the flight with the help of the regulator. If the music is loud, the regulator must not be at once fixed at the maximum. Increase the amplitude gradually, starting with zero.

Sizes of the modulus - 38x29x14 mm
The feeding voltage - 7-15V

Warning for the persons, who always act according to the manual: You may derange the control panel while connecting this modulus, You may break the model, You may burn Yourself with the soldering iron, etc. (it's a joke, just be careful)

An example of installation of the module "Dancing Model" into the control panel.

The microphone must be positioned near the hole in the transmitter's body.

The hole with the diameter of 6 mm is being drilled so as to install the regulator.

The conductor between the green and blue wires is cut.

The module is being fixed in the body with the help of the glue.



Aleksey Zaitsevsky, 2010,