Optical Remote Control System
Wired Power Supply for Drones
Testing the accuracy of camera stabilizers
Inertial internal camera gimbal

Servo drive with controllable action force

Solar energy only powered multi-copter

Camera gimbal with an air propulsion system

Active vibration damper

Gyrodine, control moment gyroscope

The rescuing system for a light pilotless aircraft

Long range aerial stereoscopic vision (3D filming)

Servo drive for an inertial camera stabilizer

Double servo-drive

Servo modifications

Onboard pyrotechnics

Production of electric fuses

Using hydrogen for filling aerostats

Pitch adjusting, RC helicopter

High-voltage aircraft (EHD, lifter, ionocraft)

Kinetic motors and generators, reactionless thrust (refutation)

Impulse electrolysis of water (refutation)

Measurement of changes of relative time density (refutation)

Infrasonic generators

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