Ecilop Observer - Tethered front-line helicopter
Pointer ZOOM - Stabilized head for a video crane
Pointer-III - Portable stabilizer for a video camera
Shift Master - Active damper for a camera head

FS-08 - Force-feedback servo drive

Laser pointer and camera stabilizer test

Pointer XV - Stabilizer for cinematographic equipment

Ecilop Easy - Quadrocopter frame and 2-axis camera mount

Ecilop Stereo - Quadrocopter for stereoscopic (3D) filming

Ecilop ECO - Light multi-rotor aircraft for aerial filming

Ecilop-II - Police drone

Rescue parachutes with the pyrotechnical ejection

DirectionFinder - Automated pointing of the video-camera to the object

RX Multiplexer - switching of control between two on-board receivers

FireStarter - Launch of smoke, comets, fountains and rockets by R/C

HeliStrobe - The night lighting for R/C helicopter

DistanceSensor - Automatic response to approaching the ground

RC Shutter - The three-positional double switch

Video camera controller - a set for manual assembly

Servo Timer - Independent control for servomechanism with a delay

Dancing Model - The rhythm of the music is reflected in the movements

Analog balancer for lithium batteries

RC zoom control module for Sony NEX cameras, 18-55mm lens.

Low-voltage hot igniters free of pyrotechnical coating

Active Gimbal - Controlled platform for the video-camera

OpenButtom - Retractable landing gear for an RC helicopter

Flywheel - Mechanical gyroscope for camera stabilization

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