Flywheel-200 – the mechanical gyroscope, assigned for stabilization of the video-camera. This inert system prevents the video-camera from swinging. It is sufficient to connect the feeding battery and the line of horizon will stop flickering. Softer stabilization is secured, if compared with the electronic systems of stabilization.

The mechanical gyroscope is installed together with the video-camera on the gimbal. The possibility of free tilt of the camera must be secured. The camera must be balanced in such a way so that the axle of the switched off gyroscope is strictly vertically positioned. However, the center of platform’s mass together with the gyroscope and the camera must not be lowered too much because the camera will swing as the pendulum. Efficiency of operation of the gyroscope depends upon the mass of the camera and upon precision of balancing. As this bracket rotates together with the helicopter, the helicopter must be turned around in the horizontal position. If the helicopter is tilted at the moment of turning around, the camera will also tilt through the effect of precession. The mechanical gyroscope is an ideal solution for stabilization of the camera, if it is not needed to rotate the camera quickly during shooting.

The gyroscope Flywheel-200 is provided with the pads, assigned for deadening the high-frequency vibrations. The gyroscope is delivered in the assembled shape. The fixing device of the gyroscope supposes the tilt of the camera, making 30 degrees regarding the horizon. But You may use another method of fixing instead of the suggested variant.

The battery with tension of 6-8V is used for feeding the gyroscope. It is possible to connect the gyroscope directly to the battery or via the speed controller. Application of the speed controller will allow a soft run-in of the disc and regulation of the speed of rotation; besides, it will secure switching of the gyroscope off, if the battery gets discharged. Seeking to change the speed of rotation, You may change correlation of transmission in the reducer; it is necessary to change the position of the rubber belt for this purpose. The higher the speed of rotation is, the better the effect of stabilization is achieved; however, the noise and consumption of energy increase.

The mechanical gyroscope is used for compensation of swinging. The camera is installed on the freely swinging platform. The heavy mechanical gyroscope is installed together with the camera on the platform. If positioning of the platform is evened with the help of the shock-absorbers, the gyroscope makes swinging more fluent. The effect of precession is the drawback of the mechanical gyroscope. The example of the effect of precession: the inertia pulls the camera to the left, whereas the camera deviates upwards.

Aleksey Zaitsevsky, 2009,