Low-voltage hot igniters free of pyrotechnical coating

The igniters are designed for using with FireStarter device. Because of absence of pyrotechnical coating, it is possible to send igniters by air mail. The heating temperature is sufficient to ignite gunpowder or paper without an intermediate pyrotechnical material. However, it would be desirable to cover the operating surface of the igniter with pyrotechnical material on your own seeking to increase reliability. As a pyrotechnical material, a thick mass of fine black gunpowder moistened with liquid nitrolacquer can be used. The head of the igniter is covered by the pyrotechnical material and can be used when it dries fully. The optimum voltage for ignition is 3.7V. Connect FireStarter device to a battery of a section of Li-Po accumulator with the current no less than 400 mA and at least 15C current efficiency. Power supply from the said battery is used for activation of the igniter only; in other moments, the battery does not discharge. Use lower voltage (3V) for long heating or higher voltage (8V) for fast burning.

One package includes 12 igniters

The technical data:
Supply voltage - 3-8V
Consumption current - 3-8A
Length of the cable - 0,5m
Width of the head - 5mm


Nichrome Fuses demonstration.