RC helicopter, adjusting of the pitch without using a pitch_gauge

The method of tuning suits both for the ordinary 3D helicopters and for the flybarless. The video is rotated at 90 degrees. The blades are hanging freely.

The sequence of actions:

1. Place the blades along the body;

2. Raise the helicopter by its nose upwards;

3. Tune the position of 0 degrees, when the ends of the blades coincide at one level;

4. Take the ruler and measure the length of the blade;

5. Calculate the necessary stretch between the ends of the blades for the selected angle of the maximal deviation. The formula: sin(the angle)*(length of the blade)*2;

6. Bring the blades apart as per the fixed value;

7. Preserve the values of the maximal deviation in the transmitter.

* As regards this video, there is a small mistake in the results of calculation. The mistake is related with selection of the regime Gra/Deg. Use a more common calculator and there will be no mistake.

Aleksey Zaitsevsky, 2008, http://www.myresearch.company