The emphasis was on technologies allowing rotation of a camera not starting from an unstable base. This means that the connection between the camera suspension and the unstable frame is limited by friction in ball bearings only. Several models of such devices have been tested with positive results from using a gyrodine and air engines. Below are demonstrations of experimental devices.

RoControl with an air propulsion system. The air engine counterbalances the forces causing unwanted camera tilt.

Below are examples of the implementation of this technology in Ecilop-5 and Ecilop-6 drones. The system combines inertial and active camera stabilization. Inertial stabilization is based on matching the center of mass and the rotation axis. An air engine is used for rotation and active camera stabilization.

Ecilop-5 prototype

Ecilop-6 prototype

Aleksey Zaitsevsky, 2013,