Ecilop Easy is a quadcopter designed for aerial filming and photography. Counterbalanced camera mount and a new type of servo drives are used. Four different camera mounts are included. Mass of the camera must be under 600g.

Technical data:
Dimensions without propellers - 0.5x0.5x0.4 m.
Weight of the frame is 0,6 kg
The full flight weight: 2,0-2,9 kg.

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Availability: available.

You will need the following additional components (not included):
A digital camera (Sony NEX-x is recommended);
A remote control unit (Futaba T8J or a different model);
Quadcopter flight controller with a camera stabilization function (DJI NAZA or a different model);
Gimbal controller (Tarot ZYX-GS or a different model);
Two park-size servos (MKS DS8910 or MG930 or a different model);
Four engines; the distance between mounting screws should be 19 mm (MT3506-25 or a different model);
Four propellers; maximal diameter 14" (APC12x3.8 or a different model)
Four speed controllers (T-Motor ESC 18A or a different model);
A battery (5000mAh 4S 25C or a different 3-5S model)
A video transmitter (5.8G 400mw or a different model)
Video goggles with a receiver (Boscam or a different model)


Price 449 ( PayPal. 21% VAT will be applied for EU buyers ):

Availability: available.

This set contains:
Ecilop Easy kit
Servo MKS DS8910A, two units, F-Servo modified
Motor MT3506-25, four units
Dihedral angle gasket
Propeller APC 13x4.7, four units (2xCW+2xCCW)

Srvo MKS DS8910A+, Force Servo modification, 2 units

Price 112 (PayPal. 21% VAT will be applied for EU buyers):

Availability: available

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